Fiery the angels fell.. (diarmaid) wrote,
Fiery the angels fell..


I guess I have a bit of a good news/bad news situation here. No, that's not right it's a good news/less good news thing. No, that's not right either. Okay, it's a good new situation that came at a bit of a price, but the price was acceptable.
The good news: the wound is closing fast (well, depends on how you define fast, the thing started in April so… (Yes, I am that patient)). The cost: all my muscles are so effing tends you could build a skyscraper on my back pain. Not really surprising, though, after having spent more than half a year 22 hours a day in bed in a not exactly back friendly position.
Who cares! The thing is closing, that's the important part.
Ceterum censeo Donaldum Trumpfum esse abrogatum.
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