Screw all idiots

The events of yesterday have taken so much energy out of me I'm back to avoiding the news. I have to. It seriously damages my health.
Still not fever free but getting better. Dreadful night didn't sleep much. I'm exhausted.


And another health update

Not alone this night so that's positive. Temperature 38.5 Celsius. I'm adoring my AC and concerning my other needs, a Fanta, a Fanta, my kingdom for a Fanta.
Trying to sleep now.


My Health Updates

I hope the amount of health updates is not too annoying for you, I do that so my team of helpers stays up to date and I don't have to explain what's going on over and over again. ;-)

Pissed off at 1 o'clock

Obviously put three big glasses of water on the table sounds exactly like put one big class and two small glasses on the table, otherwise I have no explanation why the freaking Frak I don't have enough water for the night.


FYI last night

Exhausting. Had to call 3sam at 1 o'clock because cs bag was full of air. From then on i slept minutewise till 5 a.m. then not that good. Let's hope tonight will be better