Poem No 7549298

So you say,
The world of science and reason is cold and without love.
How is it then
That so much of the hating in the world
Is done in the name of religion?



I guess I have a bit of a good news/bad news situation here. No, that's not right it's a good news/less good news thing. No, that's not right either. Okay, it's a good new situation that came at a bit of a price, but the price was acceptable.
The good news: the wound is closing fast (well, depends on how you define fast, the thing started in April so… (Yes, I am that patient)). The cost: all my muscles are so effing tends you could build a skyscraper on my back pain. Not really surprising, though, after having spent more than half a year 22 hours a day in bed in a not exactly back friendly position.
Who cares! The thing is closing, that's the important part.
Ceterum censeo Donaldum Trumpfum esse abrogatum.

There's a hole...

... in the bottom of my thigh. There's a hole ... Ok, i guess you get it. Hole is deep, 6cm/2.4inch, but that was to be expected after finally all the necrotic tissue has dissolved, which is a good thing. So it's "just" healing now. I hope the wound will be closed till Christmas. I'm advised to eat meat for the proteins and more which isn't that much of a hardship for me. Maybe for my wallet.

Proust and Heine Can Kiss My...

I don't know how anybody can work in bed for a long time. I find it draining, physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, creatively (you may add any number of -lys you can think of). But then again I'm not writing any self-involved, overemotional, whiny reminiscent of better times suave crap. And right about now I guess it'll take five minutes till a black ops team of the Academy française arrives here to beat me to death with leather bound editions of In Search of Lost Time.


(no subject)

Health is stabilized, I feel like one of the socks Ulysses S. Grant wore at Appomattox Courthouse, old and and worn out. That'll pass soon, for now I'm back at spending 22h/day in bet till the hole in my thigh is gone. next week hopefully I'll get a special cushion that allows me to sit longer.
Off to sleep, stay calm, all you beautiful people.